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Welcome to Eleanor Music Services 

I provide music interventions on a regular and on-going basis in groups and to individuals living with a dementia in care settings. Live interactive music reduces anxiety and depression and creates stimulation and opportunities for physical engagement. 

Music strengthens the bond between staff and residents and gives staff a powerful tool for communication.
Scientific research shows singing in residential settings can HALVE anxiety.
The ability to process, respond to and engage with music remains INTACT however severe the dementia. 


Abbie Kehinde, Home Manager (Westcombe Park)

"For a fact the residents like the music session and staff too. I listen out every week while working and a refreshing time it is."

Mojibola Olusesan, Home Manager, (Puddingstone Grange)

It is so important to us that our residents enjoy quality of life and the music sessions are a hugely beneficial way of helping them achieve it. We hope we can continue with music sessions as long as we can.


If music is the food of life, food of love, residents at Puddingstone Grange are happy for Eleanor to play it on.

Mandy Horsely, Care home administrator, Morden College

Eleanor is every bit the professional, does everything properly/ thoroughly while being being warm, interactive and engaging. Her music is an eagerly anticipated part of activities at CWC.

Activity co-ordinator, Brook House

Eleanor’s music sessions are always fully of energy, positive feelings. There is a big variety of songs including instruments such as shakers. Residents also enjoy conducting, singing in 2-3 parts and clapping in rhythm. Residents are smiling, they are happy.

Derek Bruce, Resident (Westcombe Park)

Not only enjoy her singing - BUT also enjoy resident reactions.

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