Peter Warlock Songbook  

New Release - 5 November 2021


I enjoy playing Warlock's music; it is virtuosic, complex, rich, subtle, witty...this has been a rewarding and fruitful project and I hope that it will inspire many more performances and recordings of this fascinating composer.



"Warlock's songs are among the most exquisite, inventive and original to emerge in Britain in the early part of the twentieth century. Generally under-represented in today's song repertoire, they are particularly so for the soprano voice. This very welcome collection of Warlock's songs, many of them rarely performed or recorded, showcases the breadth of his extraordinarily diverse oeuvre. Soprano Luci Briginshaw and pianist Eleanor Meynell here offer insightful, sensitive and highly accomplished performances."


Music from Leipzig


Situated on the intersection between two major medieval trade routes, Leipzig became one of the most important cultural cities in Europe, famous for its music and publishing houses. Many great composers flourished writing for its churches, publishers and musical amateurs, and this piano recital illustrates what a rich diversity of music was born there. 


The inspiration for recording this CD was threefold: I have toured to Leipzig many times and sung in its beautiful Gewandhaus concert hall and St Thomas Church under the baton of John Eliot Gardiner. I was curious to find out more about the city which I love, and found that it was, and still is, a great musical hub with rich resources on which to draw. I could have chosen many, many composers to focus on. 

The piano which I play on at home, a Feurich, belonged to my late mother-in-law who acquired the instrument sometime after the Second World War and although we don’t know the provenance of it, it was built in Leipzig by the firm during its early 20th century heyday. I decided it would be fitting to record the music of Leipzig on the instrument which has power in the bass but also beautiful mellow qualities.