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Steinway D466

In 2018 I was lucky to hear on the grapevine that the Southbank Centre was selling one or two of its 'grand dames' - I leapt at the chance. I had been looking for a Steinway instrument but I wasn't expecting to find one with such a history nor with such a unique personality. This instrument has an exceptionally beautiful tone of exquisite tenderness and quality and seems to anticipate one's intentions. 


This piano was the favourite of many 'celebrity' pianists at the Southbank Centre over the years including Martha Argerich, Daniel Barenboim, Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Stephen Bishop Kovacevich recorded the complete Beethoven piano sonatas on it (he even signed it inside).

Steinway D466 is available for hire and the church is frequently used for recordings by Sony and Hyperion and many other record labels.


To enquire about piano hire please send me a message via my contact page and for church bookings email St John the Evangelist at

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