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Introducing my new course 'Let's Begin' - a 10 day course for children aged 2-6 (approx) - for £36




Children love to learn these songs and make them their own. These songs come from our culture and heritage and have been tried and tested. Through songs, rhymes and musical games, children will be introduced to musical concepts such as high and low pitch, loud and soft, fast and slow, rhythm and pulse and inner-hearing. What makes this approach unique is that the activities using the songs are presented in a highly methodical way and designed to be progressive so concepts are experienced first and then made conscious. This will lay the foundation for reading and writing music later.

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Read on to find out why your children will LOVE them!

"I believe that music is our birthright and that music should belong to everyone. It's my life's purpose to share my love of music, to inspire, bring joy and join communities together. I studied as a pianist at Chetham's School of Music where I gained my ARCM and LGSM diplomas and won many prizes and awards. I went on to gain a music degree from Kings' College London. I studied singing at the Royal Northern College of Music and I was awarded a Certificate of Professional Practice in Early Years Learning from the British Kodály Academy and Roehampton University. I have many years experience teaching all ages from babies to mature adults in singing, piano and musicianship"

10 Reasons why you should choose this course...

1. Real musicianship skills - these lay the foundation for reading and writing music or learning an instrument at age 7.

2. Tried and tested songs - the songs and rhymes comes from our culture and heritage and have been used for decades by the best musicianship teachers.

3. Structured - each lesson builds on the learning and activities from the day before.

4. Progressive - we move from the easy to complex in clear stages

5. Repetition - children love familiarity.

6. Action songs - physically engaging

7. Subject matter - songs are about animals and normal everyday activities that children will relate to.

8. Confidence - there are opportunities for the children to invent their own actions and words so they have ownership of the songs.

9. Memory & concentration - both skills will be developed and strengthened by copying short melodies and pitch matching. These skills will enhance your child's abilities in other areas of learning too.

10. Happy - they will make you and your children happy!

Musical Skills:

Laying the foundation for reading and writing music and/or learning an instrument:

Take a look at all the other benefits too - developing these skills is so important to a child's early development and for later in life too!

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Buy the course for only £36. 

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I will add more courses to follow on from this one, so if you would like to be contacted when they are available please email me via my contact page.

Let's Begin Day 1:  listen and respond to sung instructions, perform actions in time with song or rhyme


" You are very good at singing and I like you"

Zac, aged 5

"My 2-year old was entranced from the very beginning of Eleanor's class. He laughed and sang and reacted to Eleanor all the way through. That night he insisted on a teddy bear in bed and I could hear him singing the teddy bear song in his cot for ages!"

Ellie Norris